Through the use of interactive activities, exercises and tasks, participants are immersed in experiential education carefully crafted to create professional learning experiences.

Whether it be your management team or those that work for them, if they are ineffective it can hurt your clients and your bottom line. Tackling the negative affects of  conflict, change, skewed corporate culture, and employee stress, to name only a few, should be at the forefront of any company if it desires long term success.  Below you will see just a few examples of the types of workshops we have conducted for our corporate clients.

We work with each of our clients to craft a specialized workshop that addresses the specific issues affecting their company's success. Let's get started

Team Building Essentials 101: Finding the Groove in managing teams/staff

Staff teams need practical and effective tools to work with a diverse clientele who have a complexity of needs, wants and concerns. Staff teams also need to be given the essential time to develop their skills, and meaningful team-building experiences to boost productivity, increase employee self-worth and build a stronger team identity. This custom designed and interactive training workshop is for organizations and staff teams seeking easy-to-use tools and approaches for working with others.

Examine how Tuckman's 'Five Stages of Group Development' apply to building a strong foundation in functional teams and groups. Various experiential team-building games and activities, mini-lectures and open discussions are used to navigate attendees' understanding, and develop their knowledge base as each stage is presented and explored.

Finding The Groove in Team Work also introduces the 'Five Dysfunctions of a Team' and 'Five Assets of a Successful Team' curriculum developed by Creative Toolbox. Participants will learn how to use various initiative-challenge activities when working and interacting with others within any type of work setting. We go beyond the basic trust and motivational techniques, and instead use creativity and empowering measures to help your staff team build upon the essentials.


Our workplaces have become increasingly dependent on everything being “absolute”, structured and achievement-driven, to the point that creativity and resiliency are diminishing. This workshop explains the art of imperfection and how to create teachable moments.

What does organized chaos mean? “A situation or place that seems to be in chaos, but has an underlying organization and pattern which is evident to those involved in the situation.”

Everyone needs a little shake up and chaos to inspire some creativity. This is a workshop of play, activity and facts relating to the concept and theory of organized chaos. Participants will be engaged in a fun and motivating professional development experience dedicated to rediscovering balance, the importance of unstructured play and the concept of ‘work life’ being a powerful learning approach to teaching, being and leading.

Fundamentals of leadership, mentorship and the art of following: a jedi boot camp for management

The philosophical and fundamental parallels of leadership training and becoming a Jedi knight are actually more similar than different. Leadership is about making choices that reflect the greater good, about interpersonal skill development and being a team player.

Staff teams want something that is informative yet fun, interactive and meaningful. This workshop is sure to deliver!

Leadership can be defined in how we approach challenges, solve problems, connect with others, and follow our guiding principles.  This workshop will teach the fundamentals of corporate leadership and mentorship - such as leadership styles and attitudes, roles of followers and crafting mentorship within the work place. You will learn to use meaningful mentoring and leadership techniques to direct, inspire and lead staff. Finally, understand why the first follower is truly the leader. 

developing the learner and facilitator essentials

As a manager, it is essential that your staff learn from you.  People learn in a variety of ways and many believe that their ability to learn is based on teaching styles, environments and experiences. Their success, however, also depends on their ability to adapt, engage, and their willingness to learn from their facilitator. Understanding the necessary tools of facilitating is imperative if you want people to learn from you. Attendees come to this workshop as learners and leave with the tools to be better facilitators and teachers. Learning goals include:

  • Setting a positive climate for learning
  • Understanding the art of facilitation
  • Clarifying the purposes and responsibilities of the learner(s)
  • Organizing and making available valuable learning resources for your work setting
  • Balancing intellectual and emotional components of learning
  • Sharing feelings and thoughts with learners without dominating the session

balls, duct tape and rope - the universal team fixer upper and tie downer

This workshop is entirely about using duct tape, balls and rope as team building tools, learning devices and a hilarious way to tape up any of your team’s loose ends. These experiential activities are perfect to increase the fun factor in your boardroom. Participants will engage in:

  • Duct Dodge Ball
  • Rope Webs
  • Duct Tug of War
  • Rope Initiative Activities
  • Duct Art (community art with duct tape)
  • Ducting It and much more!